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Ole Haroldson

Male Abt 1820 -


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1865 Census in Nes, Hallingdal, Norway - family of Ole Haraldson and Ingri Oldsdatter

Ole Haraldson was born about 1820. From this we know his father`s name is Harald.

Wife, Ingri Olsdatter born about 1822. (Spelling variation of her name in Norwegian would be Ingrid Olsdotter and from this we know her father`s name is Ole or Ola)

Son, Knud Olson born about 1847. Spelling variation of his name in Norwegian would be Knut Olson.

Daughter, Beret born about 1854. Spelling variation of her name in Norwegian would be Berit Olsdotter.

Son, Johan born about 1857.

Son, Halvor born about 1859 Spelling variation of his name in Norwegian would be Hallvard Olson.

son Knud Olson born about 1862 Spelling variation of his name in Norwegian would be Knut Olson.

"Yrke" refers to occupation. Ole Haraldsson's occupation was "Selveier" (meaning he was owner or proprieter of the farm Grønna) and "Smed" means he was a smith (blacksmith, silversmith: it doesn`t specify exactly). His son Knut Olson's occupation was "hjælper Faderen" which means he was helping his father on the farm.

Sivilstand signifies marital status . The "G" stands for "Gift" (meaning "married"). The "Ug" stands for "Ugift" (meaning not married). Alder signifies age. Kjønn signifies sex. The "M" stands for "Mannkjønn" (meaning "male"). The "K" stands for "Kvinnekjønn" (meaning female).

Fødestad means birthplace. All the family members were born in "Bang Prestegjeld" except for the youngest son, Knut, who was born in Nes Parish. "Bang Prestegjeld" likely refers to "Bagn" Parish, in Sør Aurdal, Oppland County. This "Bagn" Parish is a little farther north up from the Nes parish.

Merknad (person) is providing some hint to distinguish between the two Knud Olson's. It mentions Knud Olsen, d ældre which is "Knut Olson den eldre" (meaning Knut Olson the elder or older one) and Knud Olsen, d yngre which is "Knut Olson den yngre" (meaning Knut Olson the younger or younger one).

Gard would mean farm and in this case the farm is Grønna

Kvareteig, Dokken gives further detail to location. Ole Haraldson Olson was born on Grønna, Nes Parish in Hallingdal, Buskerud County (Hallingdal being a large area including several Parishes in Buskerud County. The Norwegian "County" is similiar to our Provinces.

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