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Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota



City/Town : Latitude: 44.079803, Longitude: -92.81777199999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 South, Cora B.  17 Feb 1868Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01163
2 South, Ernest W.  14 Jul 1866Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01162
3 South, Eva Mae  1 May 1882Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I09026
4 South, George Henry  10 Apr 1863Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I08931
5 South, Infant  8 Mar 1884Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I09027
6 South, Laura Elizabeth  31 Jul 1860Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I08930
7 South, William Fowler  24 Mar 1857Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I08929


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 South, Ernest W.  18 Nov 1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01162
2 South, Eva H.  16 Dec 1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01158
3 South, Eva Mae  28 Nov 1883Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I09026
4 South, Infant  28 Apr 1884Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I09027
5 South, Laura Elizabeth  17 Apr 1863Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I08930
6 South, William Fowler  13 Dec 1859Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I08929


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Joslyn, Myretta  1880Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I08923
2 Reed, Cornelia Elizabeth  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01156
3 Reed, Harriet Ann  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00814
4 Reed, Harriet Ann  1880Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00814
5 South, Arthur Delivan  1875Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I09019
6 South, Arthur Delivan  1885Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I09019
7 South, Clark Eugene  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00818
8 South, Clark Eugene  1875Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00818
9 South, Cora B.  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01163
10 South, Delivan  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00815
11 South, Ernest W.  27 Jun 1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01162
12 South, Eva H.  27 Jun 1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01158
13 South, Franklin Benjamin  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01155
14 South, Fremont Lane  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00821
15 South, Fremont Lane  1875Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00821
16 South, Fremont Lane  1880Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00821
17 South, Ida Francina  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01157
18 South, Inez Prudence  1880Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00825
19 South, James Lester  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00633
20 South, James Lester  1880Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00633

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