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Upper Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Davidson, George Senze  5 Oct 1850Upper Canada I05668
2 Davidson, Hester Anne  28 Feb 1852Upper Canada I05721
3 Davidson, James I.  1849Upper Canada I05669
4 Hastings, girl  1853Upper Canada I05199
5 Hastings, John  1830Upper Canada I05201
6 Hastings, Margaret  1828Upper Canada I05202
7 Jones, Harriet  Abt 1823Upper Canada I25657
8 McDowell, Alice  12 Jan 1844Upper Canada I05333
9 Rupp, Georg  1845Upper Canada I20910
10 Rupp, Lisbeth  1851Upper Canada I20913
11 Rupp, Marie  1846Upper Canada I20911
12 Rupp, Sammuel  1848Upper Canada I20912
13 Silvester, Beatrice  1865Upper Canada I05881
14 Silvester, Egbert  1862Upper Canada I05882
15 Silvester, Geffrey  1860Upper Canada I05884
16 Silvester, Mande  1858Upper Canada I05883
17 Silvester, Mary  1856Upper Canada I05821

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