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Township of St. Joseph Cemetery



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, "Hattie" Bernice  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24687
2 Armstrong, Burton  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24635
3 Armstrong, Frederick Clayborne  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24697
4 Armstrong, Lawrence Clayton  18 Mar 1928Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24688
5 Armstrong, Ralph  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24689
6 Armstrong, Richard Ernest  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24699
7 Armstrong, Robert  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24693
8 Armstrong, Robert Allan  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24685
9 Armstrong, Robert George Lawrence  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24876
10 Cheer, Alan Leslie  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24606
11 Cheer, Clara Louisa  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24534
12 Cheer, Elizabeth A.  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24563
13 Cheer, Ella Ellen  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24562
14 Cheer, Mabel Enid  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24558
15 Cheer, Thomas George  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24531
16 Cheer, Winnifred "Winnie"  Spring 1980Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24561
17 Currie, Rachel Ada "Rae"  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24703
18 Hadden, Arthur  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24611
19 Rains, Albert Roland  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24565
20 Ross, Alexander W.  Township of St. Joseph Cemetery I24583

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