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Stratford, Perth County, Ontario



City/Town : Latitude: 43.369141, Longitude: -80.98126


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burdett, Edward Erle  30 May 1895Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I38384
2 Cawston, Francis A.  31 Mar 1867Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I36798
3 Cawston, Richard Lowe  Abt 1850Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I36811
4 Commerford, Diane  1955Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I17927
5 Commerford, Joseph  Abt 1926Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I11431
6 Commerford, Murray John  1 Jun 1919Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I34830
7 Coulter, Charlotte Ann  Abt 1882Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I19328
8 Coulton, Virginia Louise  18 May 1946Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14284
9 Dagan, John Jardine  Abt 1883Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I32269
10 Doerr, Francis Catherine  14 Aug 1925Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I25377
11 Fisher, Geraldyne Ruby  10 Oct 1918Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I21615
12 Holman, Frederick William  10 Jun 1873Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14247
13 Holman, Helen Catherine  30 Jan 1918Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14265
14 Holman, Helen Lowe  5 Dec 1878Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14263
15 Holman, Hugh Gordon  28 Nov 1883Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14262
16 Koch, George  Abt 1859Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I22586
17 Lalonde, "Emma" Alvina  Abt 1904Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I31253
18 Lalonde, Gilbert Dave  10 Dec 1902Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I31333
19 McCann, Joseph  Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I29009
20 McMahon, Agnes  Abt 1903Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I23423

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allendorf, Ida Amelia  1 Apr 1901Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I19134
2 Cawston, Richard William  14 Oct 1917Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I36794
3 Craig, Gilbert  5 May 1888Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14547
4 Gaiser, Margaret "Maggie"  21 Jul 1942Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I22788
5 Gaiser, Maria "Mary"  17 Nov 1918Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I22789
6 Heath, Clifford Wellington  3 Nov 2011Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I35764
7 Heath, Samuel  5 Apr 1903Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I25665
8 Heimrich, Elias Claus  1 Jul 1934Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I34721
9 Hill, Elizabeth  19 Mar 1925Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I25115
10 Holman, Helen Lowe  29 Jan 1911Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14263
11 Knorr, Catherine  20 Apr 1918Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I37907
12 Lantz, John Ephraim  5 Oct 1966Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I35729
13 Loffler, Augustina  10 Oct 1907Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I03589
14 Mahnke, Herman Jacob  26 Feb 1965Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I10758
15 McAlpine, Mary  3 Apr 1970Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I19360
16 Meier, Clarence  7 Feb 1990Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I23023
17 Nash, Jean Hilda  31 Jan 1933Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I36991
18 Nash, Wayne Arnold Daniel  20 Nov 1934Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I36992
19 Parkinson, James  1880Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I20192
20 Schmidt, Ella Melinda  20 Jan 1899Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I24325

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Craig, William Chesney  Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I22040
2 Schmidt, Conrad George  Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I24328
3 Zeller, Jacob  26 Mar 1928Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I00439


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Mary  1891Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I36756
2 Craig, Alexander R.  1881Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14548
3 Craig, Catherine  1881Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14250
4 Craig, Catherine  1901Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14250
5 Craig, Catherine  1911Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14250
6 Craig, George  1881Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14549
7 Craig, Gilbert  1881Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14547
8 Craig, Helen  1881Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I36754
9 Craig, Helen  1891Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I36754
10 Craig, James Gordon  1881Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I22041
11 Craig, Margaret  1881Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I21772
12 Holman, Frederick Joseph  1871Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14251
13 Holman, Frederick Joseph  1881Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14251
14 Holman, Frederick Joseph  1901Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14251
15 Holman, Frederick Joseph  1911Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14251
16 Holman, Frederick William  1881Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14247
17 Holman, Frederick William  1901Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14247
18 Lowe, Helen  1881Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I14541
19 Metzger, Charlotte  1901Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I24327
20 Myers, William George Ellason  1901Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I24323

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Thiel, Margaret  Stratford, Perth County, Ontario I18916


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cawston / Pearson  27 Oct 1885Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F11472
2 Cawston / Wood  9 Jun 1909Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F11476
3 Clulow / McClure / Craig  25 Sep 1878Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F6137
4 Commerford / Wurm  Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F3075
5 Cooper / Bowman  25 Oct 1924Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F8160
6 Coulton / Holman  8 May 1944Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F3817
7 Goldner / McMahon  26 Dec 1923Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F6699
8 Goldner / Skinner  31 Mar 1920Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F6698
9 Hall / Cawston  15 Jul 1890Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F11465
10 Hampson / Welch  06 Jun 1906Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F8643
11 Harting / Doerr  21 Mar 1882Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F8603
12 Hastings / Bean  25 Dec 1899Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F9729
13 Herman / Lalonde  14 Sep 1926Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F9558
14 Hunter / Bean  05 Jun 1914Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F9732
15 Kibble / Holman  4 Aug 1952Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F0019
16 Klopp / Allendorf  5 Nov 1913Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F5249
17 Knechtel / McBride  28 Apr 1925Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F10893
18 Lalonde / Bart  27 Nov 1899Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F9586
19 McCann / Zeller  31 Aug 1916Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F0070
20 McKeown / Craig  14 May 1879Stratford, Perth County, Ontario F6233

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