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Mt. Pleasant Cemetery



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Boucher, Kenneth Davidson  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I02469
2 Burgess, Fredrick Thomas  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I02325
3 Dandels, Swaena  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I02380
4 Ferguson, Helen Mary  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I02335
5 Hastings, Andrew Orr "A.O."  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I04676
6 Hastings, Dr. Charles John Colwell Orr  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I01411
7 Hastings, Charles Justin  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I01422
8 Hastings, Clarence Emerson  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I01421
9 Hastings, Elgin Rowland Betty Orr  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I02334
10 Hastings, Helen  17 Nov 1902Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I01423
11 Hastings, Henry Markland  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I02145
12 Hastings, Mary Ann Foster  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I04732
13 Hastings, Warren Basil  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I01420
14 Myers, Florance Elaine  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I01425
15 Orr, Maria Louisa  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I04686
16 Rich, Luella May  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery I02378

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