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Middletown, W. Gwillimbury, Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hastings, Anne Anderson  1868Middletown, W. Gwillimbury, Ontario I02442
2 Hastings, Cunningham  1859Middletown, W. Gwillimbury, Ontario I01456
3 Hastings, Maria Margaret  1856Middletown, W. Gwillimbury, Ontario I01454
4 Hastings, Mary E.  1858Middletown, W. Gwillimbury, Ontario I01455
5 Hastings, Maud Patterson  5 Mar 1870Middletown, W. Gwillimbury, Ontario I02443
6 Hastings, Sarah Forbes Blanche  19 May 1874Middletown, W. Gwillimbury, Ontario I02446
7 Hastings, William  1854Middletown, W. Gwillimbury, Ontario I01453

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